June 2020

June marked the halfway point of my final placement and, following my intermediate interview, I began the countdown of shifts until I qualify (7 shifts to go!). On the ward, I have found myself taking the lead and have been working, almost completely, autonomously. I really enjoy this stage of each placement – the stage where you can complete your tasks and know exactly what you need to do and when without instruction or prompting. I have that feeling of “I’m a nurse!”

Although I enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine June brought us on my days off, I must say I could have done without it on my shifts! 14 hours in PPE in 30 degree heat is not fun. No fans could be used on the ward due to Covid and we couldn’t hydrate as often with our masks on so the heat wore us out quickly and also affected our poor patients who were very uncomfortable – ice lollies to the rescue!

On my days off I spent my time celebrating Pedro’s first birthday, walking with Liam and friends, gardening, walking Jasper, reading, adding to my online portfolio, having socially-distanced afternoon teas with my family and I even did a little shopping!

I had my antibody test which came back negative but that isn’t really any surprise as I haven’t been unwell. As lockdown eases at the beginning of July I am hoping that everyone still remains vigilant with hand hygiene and remains home if they are unwell to minimise the chance of an increased number of positive cases in the coming weeks.

July is always a favourite month of mine because it’s my dad’s, my brother’s and my birthday month! I have lots of exciting things happening in July which I will share on my next update! I know that many of you are nearing the end of your final year or first/second year of uni so keeping going for that final push!


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