May 2020

May has been an exciting month!

I have really settled into my final placement now. I know the routine, I know where everything is kept (haha!) and I am enjoying independently managing my own patients. Everyone in the team is so friendly and supportive. I had the opportunity to attend diabetes, wound management and syringe driver training to refresh my knowledge and skills and I was also informed that the decision has now been made to pay all students so I definitely made the right choice (see previous blog on opt-in vs opt-out!).

I received an early 21st birthday present from my parents – a new bike! I am so grateful and so pleased with it. I really enjoy being outside and keeping fit. My plan is to cycle to work when I start my new job later on in the year. As lockdown measures eased, we could exercise with one other person from outside our household at a 2 meter distance so I have enjoyed cycling and walking with Liam on my days off.

I also received my grades for my final exam and my dissertation this month! I am BEYOND happy to say I got an A in both! Hard work and determination really does pay off. I am looking forward to reading my feedback which will be released in July.

Another thing that was exciting this month was that I ordered my uniform for my first job! It is all feeling very, very real now!

I hope you are all well, enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to whatever June has in store for us!


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