Tackling something new

How do you go about tackling something completely new to you? Do you face it head on, do you try to ignore it, do you try to take the easy route or do you put maximum effort in to complete it?

I’m going to relate this to my dissertation but you can apply it to whatever you see fit. I love the saying ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!’ When we face a new assignment, new situation or a new experience it can be overwhelming. Don’t look at it as a whole. Break it down to bite size chunks.

This was my first time writing a dissertation. I had no previous experience to reflect on or to learn from. My method is to try to learn everything I can about that subject. You wouldn’t attempt resuscitation without learning what you need to do first so why try to write a dissertation without learning about what you need to include and how to approach it?

We have access to thousands, if not millions, of free resources at our fingertips. Use them! Read around your subject. Knowledge is power. Extra reading will add richness to your work. The time factor deters people. I know an hour of reading doesn’t feel as productive as an hour of typing but the aim is quality not quantity.

It all comes down to your mindset. If you look at it as something you just have to do in order to get it done, you’ve wasted an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, to learn and to develop.

Everyone has their natural strengths. If the new thing you are tackling does not fit into one of your natural strengths don’t use that as an excuse, a reason not to do it or allow it to hold you back. With effort, determination and commitment you can achieve anything.


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