April 2020

As quarantine continued, April consisted of sticking to a daily routine and keeping myself busy!

After finishing my online skills weeks I spent some time preparing for my final exam. There are many perks to taking an exam at home! You can get up for snacks and drinks whenever you like, you have your doggy to keep your feet warm, you can stay in comfy clothes and you don’t have the pre-exam nerves.

I submitted my dissertation! Even though I finished it a few weeks before, actually submitting it felt amazing! That dissertation was all I was focusing on for so long, it was relief to see it submitted.

I then gave myself a couple of days off to rest up and prepare myself for my final placement. As I mentioned in last week’s blog I was really nervous about starting at this placement so I tried to keep myself busy doing things I love such as my workouts, long dog walks, painting, scrapbooking and relaxing in the hot tub.

I have really been enjoying my final placement which began at the end of the month. My Practice Assessor has been so supportive in getting me to manage my own patients and has really involved me so I am independently managing. This situation is really bringing out the best in people. I have enjoyed supporting and working with redeployed staff members who have little/no experience with working on the wards and are travelling in far from home or are living away from home whilst they are doing their bit to help – they are so strong and brave!

Our neighbours and my family have been clapping for the NHS every Thursday, with my dad playing the accordion and leading a sing song! It is so lovely to use that time to feel united and to check up on our neighbours to see how everyone is doing. Liam and I have also had weekly movie nights whilst on Facetime and my family have had weekly quiz nights.

This blog is short and sweet! There isn’t much else happening at the moment. I hope you are all safe and well.


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