March 2020

March has been the quietest month of 2020 so far! Even so, I enjoy looking back on these blogs to see what I got up to and I always get plenty of messages from you about them!

The beginning of the month saw me back at uni and I was really excited to be back! It always feels exciting going back to our theory modules after we’ve been out to our placements. This time it felt even better because we hadn’t seen each other since October due to placements and time off to crack on with our dissertations! We also knew this would be the last block of lectures we would have before we qualify (little did we know we’d only have two days back at uni before all lectures moved online).

I had a lovely catch up with one of my favourite people! Sacha and I met during our theatre placement when I was in my first year and she was in her second year of training. Now she is fully qualified and working in the same area (AMU/MAU) that I will be when I qualify so it was great to hear how she was getting on and to see that she is settling in well!

I got back into a regular gym routine and was really enjoying trying out new classes before the gym closed. Since then I have been doing home workouts around 5/6 days a week to keep myself feeling mentally and physically fit and healthy.

After a few amendments, as advised by my tutor, my dissertation is finished and ready for submission this month! I’m so happy that I finished it so early to give myself time to prep for my exam and begin my critical reflection.

Our final skills weeks began and it is really strange! Usually we would spend the two weeks learning lots of new practical skills or refreshing the skills we already know. It has been really fun doing the online sessions with our tutors though from our own homes! We have covered ECGs, bloods, cannulation, venepuncture, catherisation and blood transfusions (to name a few!).

I worked a couple of shifts at the hospital, baked some gingerbread and wrote letters to the nursing home as I can no longer visit.

Next month is a big month assessment wise! Towards the end of the month is my dissertation submission date and the day before is my exam. So I will be finishing off my skills week this week and spend time prepping for my exam! Once those two are over I’m out to placement at a Community Hospital!

I hope you are all doing well whilst staying at home! Hopefully by my next month’s flashback we’ll be closer to seeing the end of this.


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