To everyone who is still going

This post is directed at all of my fellow Student Nurses, but especially to others who are also part of the September 2017 cohort.

September 17, we are a rare cohort! We are the first year and the last year without the bursary, our course changed as we entered our final year and now we face one of the most challenging and unprecedented times that we may ever come across in our careers. Despite this, we are still here.

We have witnessed and been a vital part of things that some people will never experience in their lifetimes. At times we may cry, we may think we aren’t good enough, we may question why we started. That doesn’t make us weak. We still get up the next day, put on our uniform and a smile and face another day. We don’t back down or give up. We press on and grow. We are still here.

We have waited nervously before our OSCEs, shared ideas before our exams, sat in lectures hour after hour, eagerly practiced our skills, achieved full marks in our maths exams, excitedly (and slightly apprehensively) stepped out to five new placement areas. We are still here.

We have all found a strength within ourselves that we never knew we had and we aren’t about to stop now. We all share a true determination to complete our vocation. To make a difference to thousands of people’s lives by doing what we love. We may currently be filled with uncertainty but this is another challenge that we will overcome and learn from. These next few months will require us to give more than we have ever given before. To be even stronger, more resilient and brave. We will need to work hard to complete our dissertations, our final exam, our critical reflection and our management placement whilst trying to keep ourselves, our families and our patients safe. Together, we are a team.

Let’s keep going September 17, we’ve got this!


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