Self-Isolation Activities

We should all now be isolating ourselves. I wanted to share some ideas of how to keep yourself busy, calm and healthy whilst staying at home!

1. Keep studying! It is difficult when our minds are elsewhere and, with all family members home, our study area isn’t as quiet and peaceful. However, it is important to keep working hard towards whatever you were doing before this started. Once you get into a routine, it is refreshing to focus your mind on something else!
2. Get creative! Last week I spent some time adding to my scrapbook and picked up my book again. Try colouring, painting, make some Easter crafts, bake, sew, knit, play an instrument!
3. Have a spring clean! When I next get the chance, I plan on tidying and re-organising my room. Now it’s getting sunnier and brighter, a spring clean can really make you feel positive!
4. Pamper yourself! Take the opportunity for self-care and treat yourself to whatever makes you feel relaxed and recharged. Soak in the bath, try a face mask, light some candles, play some soft music.
5. Exercise! I know lots of us will really miss the gym, but try home workouts. I follow YouTube videos or create my own workouts, but I’m seeing a lot of gyms and PTs posting videos online to follow so look out for those. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, exercise outside!
6. Contact loved ones! Regularly check up on your family and friends, make sure they’re okay! It’s good to have some light-hearted conversations, they can really boost your mood!
7. Plan video dates! If you can’t see your partner currently, try planning video dates. Have dinner or workout together over a video call or turn on a movie at the same time so you are kind of watching it together!
8. Stay in a routine! You will feel more positive and energised if you stay in a routine. Get up and go to bed like you normally would!
9. Embrace it! Everyone is in the same position. We are all worried. Try to focus on the positives! Embrace having time off with your family, spending more time with your children, and having time at home.
10. Stay safe! If you have the option to stay at home, only go out when you need to and take precautions when you do so. If you need to keep going into work, follow the advice!

I hope that we all can come together at a time like this and support each other.


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