Let’s combat loneliness

With nearly 8 billion people in the world it’s crazy to think that people can feel lonely.

Do you ever feel lonely if you’re home alone all day whilst everyone that you talk to day-to-day is busy? I certainly find it isolating when I’m studying all day and don’t have anyone to talk to except my dog or don’t see a single person for hours.

Now imagine that you’re unable to leave your house as easily, you don’t see anyone else or have contact with anyone for days or weeks on end. You’re mobilising less so you spend most of your day sat in a chair. That’s lonely.

Each one of us can help. We all know someone who needs a friend. Someone who just wants to see a friendly face.

I still visit the nursing home from my first placement once a month. Even though the residents are surrounded by other residents and members of staff, they still express to me that they get lonely. They enjoy seeing a familiar face and having a visit really makes their day. Sadly, all of my grandparents have passed away but I can make a difference by visiting the nursing home. Our older generation spent their lives caring for us, now it’s our turn to care for them.

Younger people can be lonely too. It’s important, especially today when our world revolves around social media and influences from others, that we check up on those around us who maybe feeling lonely; those who have just had a baby, those who may be stressed due to work/study, those who have recently experienced a break up or a loss, those who have recently lost a job, those who are unwell or are newly retired.

It costs less than £1 to make someone a cup of tea, it costs nothing to go for walk or to talk to someone. We can all be active in combating loneliness and spreading kindness.

My challenge for you this week is to make contact with someone who you think may be needing a boost and an act of kindness. Even if it’s just for half an hour. Together we can make a difference.


One thought on “Let’s combat loneliness

  1. Aaaww, you’ve made me realise as I sit here alone for the third day running (I’m disabled and hubby’s away lol), I need to make someone’s day and at least call them. I’m off to do that now and thanks for the reminder.

    Good luck with your studies Anna and I’m around if you need anything mental health-wise 🙂

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