February 2020

Last year I was giving you a breakdown of what I had coming up each month but, with the excitement of a new year and announcing the news about my job, I forgot to keep it going! You voted to bring it back over on my Instagram stories so here it is with a slight twist! For 2020 I will be reflecting back on the month I have had!

I have left January out as, as you know, I spent the month finishing off my placement and you have already read about what I got up to! So this blog is all about February, enjoy!

My month started off with a lunch date with Liam and my parents and a relaxing weekend before the real dissertation work began! I started my dissertation before this but I had the whole of February off from uni to really focus on my dissertation without being pulled in other directions.

Whilst most of the month was spent typing and reading away, I managed to squeeze in a couple of shifts at the hospital. I have always enjoyed my Bank HCA shifts, but these were especially good as they gave me time off my studying to reset and refocus and also saw me immersed back into the buzz of the hospital which I LOVE! The time off also meant that I could get back into a consistent gym routine.

My Dad and I went into our local children’s nursery to talk to the children about the role of a doctor and a nurse and to teach them the importance of washing their hands. The children really enjoyed asking us questions, having a play with some of the medical instruments we took with us and volunteering to learn how to effectively wash their hands!

This month got busy because Liam and I celebrated our anniversary, it was Valentine’s day and Liam turned 21! To celebrate we spent a couple of nights away in Cardiff to spend some time together that didn’t involve studying and to-do lists but more to do with shopping and eating yummy food! Liam’s parents treated us to a night away at a hotel and spa. The following day we completed an escape room and went ice skating before eating our body weight in pizza!

My nephew turned 3 this month so we enjoyed a family meal and catch up! I also went for my monthly visit to the nursing home.

I am looking forward to going back to uni this month to catch up with my friends and get one month closer to qualifying!

I hope you all had a brilliant month,

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