Don’t lose the excitement

On my shift last week I learnt another new skill.
I’m not sure about you but when I learn a new skill; big, small, easy or difficult, I still get very excited! Afterwards I go around telling anyone I see “guess what I just did for the first time?” It’s the first thing I mention to Liam when he walks me from the hospital and the first thing I tell my parents when I get home. Then on the following shift if someone mentions that that particular task needs completing I’m the first to put my hand up and say “I can do that!” with so much enthusiasm.

Eventually, I practice that skill so often that the initial excitement of doing it does slightly diminish. Skills that I was learning in my first and second year are now becoming second nature but I hold onto the memory of how excited I was when I was doing those tasks for the first time. When I become familiar and confident with that skill I think it is time to learn something new and get that feeling of excitement again. One of the best things about nursing is that everyday is a day for learning and I certainly do learn something new each day.

If you find yourself completing your day without learning something new then I believe that is the time to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Do something that is unfamiliar or learn something that you didn’t know yesterday. I’m not saying that you should have that feeling of overwhelming excitement every single day, because that would be difficult to sustain and we all have off days, however, you should be feeling fulfilled with your work and passion. We only progress and grow when we challenge ourselves. We only become more knowledgeable and experienced when we seek the opportunities.

So this week I want you to challenge yourself. Practice a new skill that you haven’t done before or learn something new that you didn’t know last week. It doesn’t have to be nursing related, it can be any situation that you face this week that you find challenging or to be something you have learnt and grown from. I’ll be asking over on my Instagram account (@_studentnurseanna) for you to share what you have learnt so lets make this week a week for progression and excitement!


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