Do you want to know a secret?

I have been keeping a little secret from you! Actually, it is a rather big secret! Let’s start at the beginning.

Since the summer I have been regularly looking on the NHS jobs website just browsing at what was out there. In October I found an advertisement for my dream job in the hospital I want to work at. The following week we had a guest speaker at uni come in to talk us through the application process. I was worried it would be too early to apply for a job as, at the time, I still had ten months until I would be qualified but I also didn’t want to give up this opportunity as the job may not be available when I come to apply at a later stage.

So I applied.

A week later I was invited for an interview. I actually didn’t get nervous which really surprised me! I was expecting a ‘swirly’ tummy, sweaty hands and numerous wee trips (TMI – sorry!) but I think it was mostly due to the fact that I was in the middle of night shifts and I had to wake myself up after only a couple of short hours to attend the interview and the fact that I had so long until I qualify that there wasn’t as much pressure to get a job immediately, that I remained strangely calm. I also only told Liam about the interview as I wanted to surprise everyone, especially my parents, if I did get the job.

The interview itself went very well. Being calm worked in my favour as I took my time to answer the questions and felt confident whilst doing so. I also really wanted the job so my passion for the role certainly came across to the panel. I was complimented on my interview and I was surprised to have some feedback given to the panel about myself from team members I had only worked with for a matter of hours.

If you haven’t guessed already, I GOT THE JOB! I could not be any prouder to say that in September this year (wow!) I will be starting my first job as a qualified nurse on an Acute Medical Unit (AMU). For those of you who have read my previous blogs, you will know just how much I loved my placement on AMU last year and, although I will be working at another hospital, I am so excited to be starting somewhere that I truly found a passion for.

I found out that I had been successful before I even left the hospital, so on my way home I wrote a card to my parents to surprise them and they certainly were surprised and, obviously, extremely proud. That day was definitely a highlight of my year. A moment when everything I have been working so hard for had paid off. It also means that I don’t have the pressure of a job interview this year when I am juggling lots of uni work.

I am so unbelievably excited to start this role in September and I am hoping you’ll continue to follow my journey this year from Student Nurse Anna to Staff Nurse Anna!


2 thoughts on “Do you want to know a secret?

  1. Well done Anna!! That’s really fantastic!!!! How lovely not to have ‘job hunting pressure’ whilst finishing your studies!! Brilliant!!

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