Well here is to 2019! Reflecting back it has been a turbulent year, with plenty of highs but, unfortunately, a few lows. Go through my year with me!

I saw in the New Year in Berlin with Liam and his family. After a lovely few days away, I started straight back on placement on AMU whilst working at the pharmacy.
I haven’t shared this with you yet but I had a pet pig, Wilbur, and in January I made the difficult decision to have him rehomed. Due to my course, I couldn’t spend as much time with him anymore and I felt that he was becoming lonely so I found him a lovely home with other miniature pigs, goats and ponies.

Throughout February I finished my placement on AMU, started back at uni and continued working at the pharmacy. This was a very busy month for Liam and I with Valentine’s Day, our one year anniversary and Liam’s birthday so we celebrated by having a few days away in Cardiff. I also chopped my long hair off in aid of the Little Princess Trust.
Sadly, this is the month we suddenly lost my uncle and it was a tough time for my whole family.

Uni work was in full swing, Liam and I went for a Go Ape adventure, we said goodbye to my uncle, I continued working at the pharmacy part time, I had two weeks annual leave which was mostly spent doing uni work and my dog Jasper turned 11!

A stressful month with two assignments due so I spent most of the month studying and working at the pharmacy. We went to my brother’s house for Easter before I started Skills at uni.
I started this blog!

Skills weeks, a maths exam, two assignment submissions and working at the pharmacy took over half of the month until we went to London for Liam’s Dad’s dine out from the army. Once that weekend whizzed by, I started on my district nurse placement.
My dog Harvey became poorly very quickly and I was devastated when he had to be put down at the end of the month.

This placement was Monday to Friday and I was working on a Saturday so this month was flew by quickly. I gave a presentation at my university about the work I had been doing with my lecturers.

My birthday month! Dad and I have our birthdays three days apart so every year we have a family BBQ to celebrate! My placement finished towards the end of the month and then I had some time off! Liam and I spent a weekend in London shopping and watching the Lion King at the theatre. I left the pharmacy after working there for nearly two and a half years.
Liam bought me my hamster Pedro!

I started CrossFit and went kayaking for the first time! I met up with a lot of friends that I hadn’t seen since Christmas, spent a week away at my brother’s and prepared myself for starting my third year of uni.

The start of my third year! Day one meant an assignment launch so there was no easing in! I performed another presentation at my university, started my new job as a healthcare assistant on the NHS Bank and as a family we raised £919 at our annual Macmillan Coffee Morning.

I had my first assignment of the year, my final maths exam, skills weeks at uni and got stuck into my new part time role. I took part in a swim challenge and we managed to raise £521 for Stand Up To Cancer.
I then moved away for the first time and started my elective placement in the emergency department.

I had the most amazing time on this placement. Liam came to visit me halfway through which really helped when I was missing home. I am sad to say that this fantastic month went by so fast, I didn’t want to leave this placement! I did enjoy being back at home though and getting back into my normal routine before my placement on the male surgical ward started.

This month, again, was filled with placement, working and dissertation work. I made sure though that I allowed myself time off to get ready for Christmas, spend time with those I love, and rest up over my two weeks annual leave. Liam and I went to a travel themed fancy dress party dressed as suitcases and had such a fun night this weekend for our friend’s 21st birthday. I also enjoyed spending my Christmas away by the sea with my family.

2020 is going to be a big year for me and I am more than ready for it! I hope you will follow me on my 2020 journey.


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