It is beginning to look a lot like…dissertation panic

I knew it was coming, it loomed closer and closer and then all of a sudden I am surrounded by papers, more papers and even more papers. That’s right, the delightful (or dreaded!) dissertation.

At the beginning of the year I was excited. Full of ideas, dreaming of the day I can hand it in and feel a great sense of achievement that it is complete and happiness that once it is over I am another step closer to being qualified.

And then the panic set in. 10,000 words. Ten thousand words! Okay, break that down to 3,333words x 3. That is just three of our normal assignments pushed into one. That feels more manageable but hold on…. ten thousand words and a whole lot of reading, planning and note taking whilst being on placement full time for twelve weeks, working on my online portfolio, working part time, working towards another assignment and an exam next year. Then the reality of just how much I have to do and how little time I have sets in. Last week I could feel everything getting on top of me and I was struggling to know where to begin. Before my placement block began I had made good progress towards my dissertation, I had finalised my title and spent hours researching and reading potential papers, in fact I was ahead of schedule! I then found once I began my placement that the little goals I had set for myself went out of the window and this caused me to be really hard on myself last week.

This week is a new week and I’ve entered it with a positive mindset. I am on track, small progress is still progress and I am doing a good job at prioritising my time. Unfortunately, this is just weakness I have. I put too much pressure on myself. Each assignment I have done the same thing and in the end everything always turns out well. I will finish this dissertation (lets be honest, I don’t have a choice!) and I will do my very best. I have spoken to my tutor who reassured me that I am on track, I have finalised the four papers I will be using and I have made a start.

I am working for the rest of this week, having a Christmas weekend with Liam and then spending Christmas with my family and I shall do so without worrying myself about my dissertation, it will still be there after my annual leave. It is just as important to take time off and use this time to rest, reflect and reset for the next few months to come!

To anyone else currently working on a dissertation, we will get there together! Just as quickly as it has come along, it will just as quickly be finished and forgotten as we move onto the next task or challenge!


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