A Time For Kindness

On my last post I hinted about spreading a bit of extra love throughout this festive period and this week I wanted to expand upon that thought. I would like to say before you read any further that kindness should be shown to everyone all year round, not just at Christmas. I am only highlighting it’s importance due to this time of year being traditionally about love and spreading joy.

As a child I was always made aware by my family and at school that not everyone is fortunate enough to receive or buy gifts at Christmas, to spend the day with loved ones, to have food and drinks or to even have a roof over their heads, but I had never personally seen the harsh reality of this until I began my nursing journey.

This year in particular has taught me, personally and professionally, how quickly our lives can be turned upside down and to truly appreciate everything and everyone we have. It is easy to become swept into the Christmas magic, to become consumed by present buying, by decorating and by eating too much chocolate. Sometimes it is harder to stop for a moment and reflect on the year that has passed, the people we have met or lost and then be grateful for what and who we have.

This Christmas I will take some time to myself to think about my uncle who we miss everyday, my dog Harvey who won’t be there to eat the last pig in blanket, patients who sadly are no longer here to celebrate with their families, patients who will be spending the day on the streets, friends and family members of patients I have comforted who will now be spending the day alone, people who won’t be able to afford food or presents and everyone in between. I will be grateful to spend my time surrounded by my family, to have food on the table, for any gifts I may receive and to be lucky enough to be there at all.

Lets all be mindful that Christmas isn’t ‘merry’ for everyone and there will be people around us who may be finding this time of year tough. Reach out to those friends, family members, patients or strangers who you know may be struggling and show them some kindness.


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