Hello December

I am three days into my advent calendar and my favourite month of the year! I absolutely love December and Christmas. I love the cold nights cosied up under blankets and wearing woolly socks, sipping at hot chocolate under sparkling lights and the festivities that build up throughout the month.

I started my month off by finishing off my Christmas shopping with my Mum and Liam. I absolutely love giving gifts to other people and enjoy knowing that I have found them something they will really love. My next task is to wrap them all! Again, I love doing this. I’ll pop on some Christmas songs, have a hot chocolate by my side and get creative. I have chosen navy, baby pink and silver as my theme for wrapping this year.

My last shift is on the 20th December so between now and then I will be spending a majority of my days on placement, working on my online portfolio and chipping away at my dissertation. I am, however, not putting too much pressure on myself this month. I want to make sure I make the most of this festive time by enjoying my days off and making memories with friends and family.

I will be taking my dog Jasper to visit the nursing home at some point. Jasper always makes everyone smile and he enjoys the fuss and secret biscuits too! I love how we make everyone feel special and leave each resident happy, it is such a rewarding thing to do!

Liam and I have a few fun parties coming up including a fancy dress party and a 21st birthday party with some fantastic people. We’ve both been working especially hard recently so we’re looking forward to having some fun and much needed down time.

I am counting down the days until Christmas day and I can’t wait to spend the time with my family. I love being surrounded by the people I love and, of course, pigs in blankets!

Christmas isn’t a happy time for everyone so be mindful that not everyone is sharing your joy and take the time to spread a bit of extra love during this festive period.


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