Hello November

It’s November! That means that Halloween is over and it’s now building up to Christmas, my favourite time of the year!

I started this month off by working two long days and three nights in a row on my elective placement in the Emergency Department. I currently have two nights to go and I am loving this placement! I have already had so much exposure to a variety of injuries, illnesses and emergencies in the short time that I have been here.

This month will be mostly made up of me working. I will be doing three shifts a week and I will be spending my days off working on my dissertation, placement paperwork and reflections, and enjoying time spent with my family. I will also be preparing for my placement on the male surgical ward which I will be starting at the end of the month when I move home!

This weekend Liam is coming to visit me! I am very excited as we haven’t seen each other for three weeks and we are going to go on a surprise adventure on Saturday! Even though we talk all of the time, I miss just being with my best friend so I have definitely been counting down the days until he comes to visit.

My cousin recently moved into his own flat for a year and he isn’t far from where I am on my elective so we’re planning to meet up one weekend whilst I’m here and have a catch up. The weekend I move home is his twenty-first birthday! We will be having a family party for him to celebrate!

I would like to get back into a good gym routine when I get home but I don’t make this my priority as my placement comes first and it is always hard to get into a strict routine when I am doing long shifts. In ED I am currently doing around 20,000 steps per shift so I am not worried about squeezing in the gym around this!

I have already started my Christmas shopping but I would like to get some more done before the chaos of December hits!

I hope you all have a fantastic month!


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