Preparing for my first night shift

In a couple of weeks time I will be going in for my first night shift. Not just one, but two nights in a row. This is something I have been really looking forward to but it also leaves me with a lot of questions!

1. Do I stay awake the night before and then sleep during the day until the shift starts or do I sleep for as long as possible? I am a morning person and very rarely lie in so I think I will struggle to stay in bed for so long. Maybe I will have a relaxed morning and try to nap in the afternoon?
2. Before my shift starts do I have breakfast because it’s the start of my day or dinner because it’s the evening? Also, when I finish my shift do I have dinner before I go to sleep or breakfast because it’s morning? Could I eat lasagne at 7:30am but would I feel like it for breakfast at 7pm?
3. What do I snack on to keep me awake? I have a feeling I won’t be fancying a salad at 3am but I don’t want to eat things that are really unhealthy as they’ll leave me feeling rubbish for the rest of the shift.
4. Do we do a countdown to midnight and shout ‘Happy New Day’ or will I turn into a pumpkin when the clock strikes twelve? I’m only joking, but I’m looking forward to seeing what gets done differently during the night compared to the day shifts.
5. How long will it take for my body to get back into a normal rhythm? I have a day shift the following day so I’m hoping that I don’t show up looking like a Zombie (except if I was working for Halloween!).

I have had a look online, asked my friends and everyone has given me different answers. The main thing I have been told is to sleep and rest as much as possible, however, no matter how much sleep you get, it’s still going to be a shock to the body and tiredness is still going to creep in. I am hoping that the excitement will carry me through!

I intend to answer these questions once I have done the shifts to help any of you who may be wondering the same things so keep an eye out! I would also love any tips from you, so please get in touch on my Facebook page or Instagram account and let me know what helped you survive!


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