Hello October

Today is the first of October and I’m in for a busy month!
This week is my final week of assignment preparation before my presentation next week. I have really enjoyed this assignment, in the form of a presentation, as I love being imaginative and getting creative.

I have my two shadow shifts, on a medical ward and on a surgical ward, for my new role as a healthcare assistant on the bank. I am looking forward to finally getting started and working within the hospital setting again. After these shadow shifts, I can then book shifts whenever I want to. This flexibility ties in with my course well.

I then have two weeks of skills at the university. I am really looking forward to these sessions as we are covering skills such as ILS, female and male catheterisation and conflict resolution. Within these two weeks I also have my last maths exam. This year we have to achieve 100% to pass but I am feeling quietly confident.

At the end of the month, my fifth placement starts! This placement is particularly exciting as I have been successful at applying for an elective placement. This means that I could choose anywhere in the UK to work for four weeks. I have chosen a hospital near to one of my brothers as it is a much larger hospital to the hospitals locally to me and has fantastic facilities. From personal experience, with my family all taking turns to visit the A and E department, the staff there are all so friendly and knowledgeable! Although I will be living with family, I am nervous about living away from home. I have never been away for longer than a week so I will miss my dog, and of course my parents, greatly. My hamster Pedro will be going along with me though and my parents and Liam are likely to visit at some point. I am excited to work at a different trust and within their busy A and E department. I have already beeen to introduce myself and everyone I met could not have been more welcoming. This experience is going to one I will never forget and I am looking forward to learning new skills.

At some point this month, I will be taking part, with a group of lovely ladies, in the ‘Sink or Swim Channel Challenge’ for Stand Up To Cancer. We will be swimming the equivalent length of the English Channel in order to raise money for cancer research.

I hope you all have a great month!


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