Starting My Final Year

I am now three weeks into my third year so I thought I would share with you how I have found the beginning of the big and scary final year!

I had prepared myself, or so I thought, for assignments to be launched on day one and for everything to happen at a fast pace, however, after my first day I still felt overwhelmed. I have one assignment, which is a presentation, to complete within a month, an exam and critical reflection next spring, a dissertation, skills weeks and two long placement blocks to complete my third year. When I break this down in my mind it seems less daunting and I know that if I manage my time well everything will go smoothly.

However, the thing that I am finding the most scary about my third year is how quickly it is already going and will continue to go! I feel that in a blink of an eye there went my first and second year. I was told today that, if I take away my annual leave weeks, I only have 38 weeks left until I finish. When I first started in 2017, 2020 felt like a long way away! Yet now I am counting down the weeks until I am a newly qualified nurse.

I worry that I won’t feel ready. That I still have so much to learn, but all I have to do to ease my concerns is reflect on how far I have come. I don’t think I will, or anyone will, feel one hundred percent ready for that first day as a registered nurse. My breadth and depth of knowledge dramatically increases during my placements so when I am working full time, I know I will quickly adapt and build upon the skills I have learnt as a student. I also understand that just because I’m not a student anymore, doesn’t mean that my learning will stop. As a registered nurse I will need to, but also want to, expand my knowledge and skills base.

I am going to conquer this third year one week at a time and try to embrace and accept every opportunity offered to me. I hope everyone is now beginning to settle back into their respective routines.


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