Climbing To The Top

Last weekend Liam and I decided to spend some time outdoors and go on a hike. Inevitably we wondered off the tracks and made our own path up to the highest point. Personally I find the most wonderful aspect of getting out in the fresh air is the feeling of being free and completely relaxed. Gone are worries about assignments, huge to-do lists or past stressful days and in their place comes a sense of excitement, hope and positivity for the week ahead.
In a moment when Liam and I were both reflective at the top, I realised that the way we tackled climbing the side of the hill can also be applied to how we handle huge, overwhelming tasks.

When we looked up from the bottom, we wondered how we would get to the top. We could have taken the gentle sloping path like everyone else, however, we decided to challenge ourselves and find our own way to the highest point. We discovered that if we just focused on putting one foot in front of the other and climb up one bit of rock at a time, we were quickly standing at what felt like the top of the world!

In life we can travel the same journeys as everyone else and be successful or we can create our own path which may be risky and cause a little hesitation, but leads to a more exciting journey to our final destination. Sometimes we have no choice but to face situations that may feel too daunting, too humongous or too far out of our comfort zone, but if you break that task down and keep slowly pushing forward, eventually you will reach the end.

Once you reach the top, take the time to reflect on your journey and embrace the great sense of achievement that comes because you took the harder path!


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