Making friends at uni

I have recently had a number of people contact me over on my Instagram account with worries about making friends at uni when they start this September. My response to all of these messages has been don’t worry! Just in case this is how you’re feeling too, I have listed some reasons as to why making friends at uni is super easy!

  1. Everyone is feeling just as nervous as you! Some people may have completed an access course so may already be in the swing of uni life and know their way around but a majority of people will have never been to university before so will secretly, or not so secretly, be feeling just as nervous. It’s okay to be nervous, I definitely was! You often don’t know anyone else on the course, what to expect or where you are going. As long as you keep in mind that the person sitting next to you is feeling exactly like you are and show them a little kindness, you will quickly become firm friends and you’ll both feel more at ease.
  2. University isn’t like school, college or sixth form. There will be a huge variety of people on your course, for example; people who have just finished college or sixth form, people who have done other courses first, people who have previous experience in healthcare, people who have decided to have a change in career, people who have children, people who live in uni halls and people who commute. You will find at least one person who you will become friends with and, although everyone may be coming from all different backgrounds, you will all always have nursing as a common interest!
  3. You won’t just make friends on your first day or first week. Throughout your degree, whether it be during group work, presentations, skills weeks or placements, you will work with different people and continue to keep making friends throughout the three years.
  4. When you make these friends at uni, be prepared for them to become friends for life. You will share experiences on this course that no one else, unless they are doing it alongside you, can ever really fully understand. You will share the demands and pressures of assignments, exams and OSCEs, the work environment of placements, and will be vital in each other’s success. You won’t realise how reliant you will become on each other as a support network. The unfiltered, open and honest discussions at lunchtime about a patient who has stuck with you, an experience you want to share or things you may be struggling with, will become a part of your daily routine and they’re important to have to help each other out with concerns, support each other and to help you all grow.

Good luck to everyone starting university in the next few weeks. If your first day is anything like mine was, you’ll have an excellent time! I’m sure once the worry of that first assignment comes along, the worry of making friends at uni will feel like nothing in comparison!


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