Relax About Results Day

I know for many of you this time of year can be nerve racking. The dreaded results day! Whether you had your A Level results last week or have your GCSE results this week, I wanted to check in with you all to say good luck or congratulations but, most importantly, don’t panic if the results weren’t what you were hoping for.

You are not defined by an exam result and who says you have to get the grades when you’re 16 or 18? It may make things easier but I know lots of people and peers on my course who achieved their grades later on in their lives. So don’t wake up on results day nervous to open that envelope! It may not feel like it at the time but everything will work out.

I worked myself up so much prior to my A Level results day, with only one university offer by that point (luckily it was with my first choice university). I had no plan if I didn’t get in and I worried about what else I could possibly do that I would enjoy as much as I enjoy nursing. Luckily for me I got in and I’ve found my grades at university are the best I’ve ever achieved! However, if things didn’t work out this way you have options. Either take time out to work and gain experience, go through clearance, retake exams, apply for an access course or apply for an apprenticeship! The opportunities are endless!

I believe that everything happens for a reason and these things have a way of sorting themselves out over time. I’m sure you will be reflecting back in a few years time and be glad that things happened the way they did as it led you to that point in time.

Good luck, congratulations and don’t panic!


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