Hello August

Welcome August! My last month as a second year student nurse! This is now the countdown to my third year at university so I have decided to pack August with a combination of trying out new activities, going away, visiting friends, baking, keeping fit, prepping for my dissertation and resting up before the final push begins.

Although we are only six days into the month, I have already tried out two new activities; CrossFit and kayaking! After loving my CrossFit induction, I went to my first Barbell class at the weekend. I was nervous initially as I was unsure about what to expect, however I had no reason to be nervous! The instructor was really friendly and took the time with each individual to make sure we were completing all of the movements correctly and safely. The following day I had my first taste of kayaking and I am proud to say that I didn’t fall in! It was very refreshing to be out on the water and I hope it is something that I can do regularly from now on.

I am looking forward to going away for a week to stay with my brother, his wife and my two nieces. I cannot wait for some family time! They have requested that I make them a cake so I am going to be back baking at the end of the week, something I have always loved to do. I have big plans so I hope I can surprise them all with the cake I have in mind!

Whilst I have time off, I will take the time to catch up with friends. Old friends from school, friends from the pharmacy, my university friends and visit the nursing home from my first placement. This time is really precious as my shifts and timetables can be so full on. It feels good to be able to spend time together without the pressure of needing to be somewhere else soon or looming deadlines.

I am also making use of this time off by getting a head start on my dissertation. I want to start third year with a clear topic in mind and I have already narrowed my ideas down to two. I have a book which I intend to use as a guide already so I’m hoping to familiarise myself with that before the semester starts.

I now have a new baby hamster called Pedro who I adore! Who knew something so tiny could cause so much happiness?! I could watch him for hours! He has settled in well, is slowly getting used to being handled and I’m sure he’s looking forward to coming on holiday with us!

Today I had an interview for a new job and I’m pleased to say I was offered the position! I will now be working as a healthcare assistant on the bank for my local trust. I’m excited to start as I believe this job will compliment my course well and develop my experience within the hospital environment. I can also work flexible hours so, when I’m particularly busy at university or on placement, I can work as much or as little as I would like to!

I hope you are all in for an exciting and busy August too!


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