Leaving the Pharmacy

Saturday was my last day at the pharmacy which I have worked at for nearly two and a half years. This was my first job and I started there when I was in sixth form completing my A Levels.

This was a perfect first job! I had the opportunity to work with a small but great and dedicated team, develop my communication skills, increase my medication and prescription knowledge, which complimented my degree, complete my medicines counter assistant course and I also made a new best friend!

The medicines counter assistant course taught me about a variety of different aliments; their signs, symptoms and treatment options so that I could advise customers. This qualification involved reading, coursework and exams so I finished it feeling confident and informed.

Although I am sad to be leaving and I will miss the routine and the team greatly, I feel that I have made the right decision to leave. Whilst working and on placement I was working around 50 hours a week and often this was spread over six days. That would leave me with one day to update my online portfolio, complete any other tasks I needed to do and get ready for the next week. Stepping into my third year I want to set aside more time for myself. More time to study but also more time to relax! I’m also looking forward to having a full weekend off after spending nearly every Saturday there for over two years!

Thank you to everyone at the pharmacy. I will miss you but I will pop in often!




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