Hello July

Who else loves when a new month starts on a new week?

This next month holds a lot in store for me! In less than a week it is my twentieth birthday! I am looking forward to spending the weekend with my lovely family. Towards the end of the month I am also spending the weekend in London and hugely looking forward to exploring and watching a show.

I finish my placement with the district nurses in three weeks. This placement has flown by! I will talk about this placement in more detail once I have finished but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and nothing beats driving around in the countryside in the beautiful weather we have had recently. I then only have one day at university and a meeting with my tutor before I finish second year! Where did this year go? In two months time I will be in my third and final year! That generates a mixture of both nervousness and excitement within me!

I will also be spending my last few Saturdays at the pharmacy. I made the difficult decision last week to hand in my notice at the pharmacy that I have worked at for over two years. I could not have wished for a better first job and a more lovely team to work with. I made the decision to give myself some more study time for third year and to also give myself a bit more time off before I go into full time work. During placement weeks we work a total of 37.5 hours a week and the job on top of that can be quite tiring. I will miss the team and the routine terribly but I feel that I have made the right decision and I will pop in every now and again to see everyone!

I am looking forward to this busy and exciting month ahead!


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