Let’s talk about the NHS

Unfortunately recently I have been hearing a lot of negativity about the NHS. About staff shortages, waiting times and costs. I cannot deny that these are key issues, however, it is upsetting that patients are reporting that staff are not coming across as caring or having enough time to spend with them. I have worked in areas in which staff are spread so thinly but I can honestly say that everyone I have worked with has been caring and compassionate and certainly done their best to go above and beyond for their patients. Personally, I like to care for all of my patients in a way that I would want myself or my family to be care for. With kindness, respect and a comforting smile.

In May of this year the Royal College of Nursing claimed that we now have a shortage of 40,000 nurses and this is expected to rise to 70,000 in the next five years so this is a problem that will have an implication on my future career. At least I will never be short of a job! It means though that I may often be working in areas without the desired number of staff so I need to be conscious of what I am hearing patients say and ensure that I am accurately and competently completing my tasks and still making time for the patient interaction which patients feel they are now missing out on.

I cannot reiterate enough how hard everyone I come across is working. Everyone is trying their best under often difficult and demanding environments to deliver the best care possible. No one goes into a career in healthcare with anything other than the best intentions to care for people, to show them kindness and to put their best interests at heart. I hope that we can all continue to support the NHS wholeheartedly as I believe that we would be lost without it.


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