Goodbye Harvey

Yesterday I lost my best friend, Harvey, my six year old Cocker Spaniel.
Harvey was the most loyal, obedient, eager to please and loving dog I could have ever wished for. My little shadow. Everywhere I went I was followed by the tip tapping of his paws behind me. He wasn’t just a dog. He was a member of our family. Losing a dearly loved pet is so hard. Harvey and I had an unbreakable bond.

Harv Bear, I’ll miss you standing by the back door watching me leave the house.
I’ll miss you being the first one to greet me on the driveway when I return home.
I’ll miss you always dragging your red blanket or a toy out for me.
I’ll miss you weaving in between my feet when I go running.
I’ll miss you nudging me throughout my workouts (although it may make the plank a bit easier!).
I’ll miss the way you show off when you’ve had a haircut.
I’ll miss you bringing back the biggest stick you could find on our walkies and always running back to check on me.
I’ll miss your head on my laptop or resting on my arm as I write my assignments.
I’ll miss you trying to get under my arm for a cuddle when I put on my shoes.
I’ll miss you sticking your face right up against mine when I sit down in the evening.
I’ll miss you sneaking into my bedroom when I’m getting ready or in bed.
I’ll even miss you following me into the bathroom!
I’ll miss how loyal you were to me, never accepting a treat or a tennis ball from a stranger.
I’ll miss you staying right by my side when I’m unwell.
I’ll miss how loving you were towards me, always happy to see me and always wanting to be as close as possible.
I’ll miss how obedient you were, although you could never quite master ‘paw’!

Thank you Harvey, for always listening to what I had to say, for putting up with my endless kisses, for always looking after me, for being my best friend and for loving me unconditionally. I wish we could have had another six years together but I’m so grateful for the time we got, you filled my days with so much joy. I’ll miss you forever baby boy.


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