Be Kind To Yourself

Two weeks ago I felt like I was struggling. I was trying to write two assignments, prepare for my university sessions, revise for my exam, complete some work I am doing for the university and exercise whilst working at the pharmacy and squeezing in time to spend with my family. It is so easy to become stressed and anxious about your workload, but instead of letting everything spiral out of control I changed my mental attitude towards it. Personally I find making lists the best way of organising how I am going to spend my time. I like to make it clear of what needs to be done and by when so that I can prioritise what is urgent and what can wait. It is important that this list is flexible though. For example, one day I was struggling with my assignment so instead of sitting there for hours staring at my screen and not getting much done or of any good quality, I did another job on my to-do list. When I came back to do my assignment the next day I managed to get a lot done.

The message I am trying to pass on is to be kind to yourself. Having a bad day is okay. Taking more breaks or time out for yourself is okay. If you’re struggling, have a break and then move onto another task so you are still being productive. Remember that even small steps are progress. This last week I have been so productive. I’ve nearly finished both assignments, completed all of my revision for the sessions at uni, revised for the exam, finished the work I have been doing for the uni, worked, managed to see all of my favourite people and exercised every single day! I feel so much better mentally when I’m not piling a huge amount of pressure on myself. I have just taken each day as it has come and kept pushing forward.

Don’t loose sight of what all of the hard work is for. Every minute I spend working on all of these projects is a minute closer to becoming the best qualified nurse that I can be and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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