Why I decided to study Nursing

Today I wanted to talk about why I decided to become a Nurse.

Throughout my years at school I was heavily involved in first aid, both teaching and competitions. I loved the buzz of competitions and the simulation of real life scenarios. I was passionate about learning about the treatments for different injuries and sharing my knowledge with others through teaching. I work well and methodically under pressure and keep calm on the outside whilst my adrenaline is pumping on the inside.

The summer after my team won the National First Aid Competition my dad fell ill. Looking after him that evening was a turning point. Before then I’d just thought of casualties as people I may come across in the street who I may be able to help or actors, paid to be there for the competitions. However, that evening I came to the harsh realisation that this was my dad who was in serious need of help. Not a scenario I’d read about in a book or an actor at a competition. I hadn’t really considered before that I could be looking after someone’s dad, brother, son, uncle or grandad. That the person I may one day care for had a family at home wondering where they were. This led me to explore a profession in healthcare.

I originally applied for midwifery but the university I applied for was looking for someone who had already had children themselves as they believed that would be more comforting to the women. My next step was nursing and it is the best decision I’ve ever made.

There are days when I’m struggling to juggle two assignments at once or had a hard day on placement but it’s those days that I really focus on why I’m doing what I’m doing and remind myself that the hard days are worth it. The first week of starting my course I wrote down why I want to succeed at this profession. I want to be a happy, familiar and comforting face for someone on their darkest days. I have cared for people who are at their most vulnerable and hearing from a patient that you have made their stay in hospital as nice as it could possibly be is the best motivation to keep pushing forward and making a difference.


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